My pet teaches me the meaning of loyalty.

When I come home after a long day, he is waiting for me at the door, excited and adoring. He follows me into each room, awaiting my next move. Always by my side, his presence is dependable. I learn a few things about unconditional loyalty from my pet.

I strive to achieve the same level of loyalty that my pet exhibits.

I remain dedicated at work and endeavor to be the co-worker my peers can rely upon. My dedicated approach is applied to every task and encounter, without additional motives.

During the day, I greet each person with optimism and enthusiasm. When we converse, I grant them undivided attention.

Unconditional loyalty is challenging. My mind fills with questions and concerns, thoughts and speculation. However, through practice, I strengthen my ability to be impartial and open-minded. Like my pet, I listen and refrain from interjecting. I assist others solely for the purpose of being helpful.

In the workplace, I exemplify loyalty to the utmost of my ability.

A reliable subordinate, I follow my supervisor’s lead. When I am in charge of a project, I am devoted to the company’s mission statement.

Today, I plan to show my commitment to my peers by volunteering my assistance. I want to continue illustrating my trustworthy, dependable nature. I am there to help, regardless of the size of the task.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What other traits can I learn from my pet?
2. Is it possible to be ‘loyal to a fault’ in the workplace?
3. How important is loyalty in the workplace?