My smile helps to make life better for those who receive it.

I believe in the magical benefits of a smile. Each day, I see smiles change the lives of others. I like to use my smile to make someone’s situation better.

I smile at strangers on the train to work. On the early morning ride, I know people’s minds are on life’s difficulties. I believe my smile and kind greeting helps them to forget about all the things that are going unfavorably.

When someone smiles at me, I am sure to return the smile. I know that sometimes it means they are reaching out for comfort.

During tough negotiations with my children, I sometimes get angry. But I avoid allowing that anger to show on the outside. I keep a pleasant expression because I know it helps them to remain calm.

When someone is upset with me, I listen to their concerns. Despite conflict, I maintain a peaceful spirit that transfers to my facial expression.

I avoid smiling inappropriately when someone is upset. I want to prevent my facial expression from upsetting them further. But, I allow them to see that I am listening to what they have to say.

Today, I believe that a smile is worth a thousand words. I like to make a positive difference in the lives of others. I commit to allowing my smile to open the door to positive relationships.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Why is it difficult to smile when someone offends me?
2. How does my smile help me connect with others?
3. What can I do to teach my kids the importance of smiling at others?