My spiritual needs take precedence over my material wants.

My spirit guides my actions and decisions. It helps me to make sound choices. When worldly things occupy my thoughts, I consider carefully whether they are well-timed.

I stay away from hasty moves to avoid bad decisions. I know it is unwise to make decisions when I am emotional.

When a material want is challenging my conscience, I am careful and patient with my decision. I consider how pursuing that desire impacts my spiritual calmness. My aim is to have peace of mind.

I have a well-directed spirit that is guided by my morals. It is easy to maintain integrity when I allow my beliefs to drive my actions.

I prefer to have eternal peace than temporary gratification. That mindset helps me make honest decisions.

My quiet time is an important ingredient to my spiritual soundness. I use that time to meditate and renew my beliefs. I reconnect with what matters most to me. That approach allows me to live a better quality of life.

Today, I commit to spending significant time on catering to my spiritual needs. I know that having a solid spirit helps me make wise choices. Everything material has its place, and I am capable of figuring out where it belongs in my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Why does my spirit undergo turmoil when my material want involves satisfying the needs of my loved ones?
2. How can I differentiate between wants and needs?
3. In what ways can I involve my loved ones in my decision-making when I am unclear about what to do?