My thoughts are my responsibility.

I am in charge of my own thoughts. This realization invigorates me. My thoughts determine my experiences. When I control my mind, I gain greater control over my life.
I know that challenges inevitably arise from time to time. That is just part of life. Still, it is my choice how to respond to them.
I view demanding situations as an opportunity to learn and grow. This mindset reduces my anxiety and helps me to perform better.
I train myself to think more positively.
Sometimes, I slip up and let negativity take hold of me. I measure my progress by how quickly I catch my thoughts when they go off track. I also work on developing effective remedies that clarify my reasoning.
If I start to blame others, I remind myself of their good qualities. I acknowledge my contribution to any conflict. I become willing to make amends and focus on solutions.
If self-pity overwhelms me, I list all the things I have to be grateful for. I look beyond myself and seek out opportunities to help others.
If I am anxious about how I am doing at the office, I tackle the issues head-on. I remind myself of my skills and achievements. I ask others for feedback and use it to make improvements.
Today, I accept responsibility for my thoughts. A happy mind is certainly within my grasp. I choose to embrace it.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1. How can my thoughts shape my experiences?
2. Do I really believe that I can control my thoughts?
3. How do my actions reflect my beliefs about the relationship between my thoughts and my experiences?