My thoughts are under my control.

I am always looking for new ways to better my life and myself. Fortunately, almost everything in the world responds well to positive thinking. I attract what I put out. This is why, regardless of what happens, I keep my thoughts under control.
Because of this commitment to myself, I regularly practice meditation. There are many ways I do this: when sitting at a traffic light, waiting in line at the bank, and sometimes in a formal practice, where I sit for a while and watch my thoughts. This practice assists me in being aware of my thoughts, so that I can control them better and better.
The nature of the mind is to wander. But my mind does this because it is my ally, always scanning the horizon for potential danger. However, if my mind begins to focus on less preferable thoughts, I exert control over my thinking. I direct my mind to come back to the topic I choose.
I feel empowered by taking charge of my thoughts. Because my thinking is under my control, I know that I can make the best out of any situation and get what I want out of life.
Today, I am grateful that I know how to control my thoughts. I am confident that my ability to do this increases with time and practice. I commit to myself to meditate today to increase my mental control.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1. Does my mind ever seem to “run away with me?” Do I feel easily distracted?
2. What can I do to encourage my ability to concentrate?
3. Are there specific thoughts I would like to focus on more?