My warmth is like sunlight.

I realize the effect my personality has on others. If I am positive, outgoing, and compassionate, they find me welcoming. They seek me like the sun’s warmth.

In every task I undertake and each challenge I encounter, I remain friendly and optimistic. Like the sun, exuding warmth is natural for me.

The ability to be inviting is contagious. Others easily connect to me because I convey an amicable personality. It goes unseen, but is easily felt. As a result, I find myself helping others. I am depended upon for the compassion I provide.

Positivity and optimism flourish around me. My ability to warm others results in a great thaw. Cold shoulders melt, perceptions shift, and optimism abounds. Soon my social world is buzzing with life. Everyone radiates their own warmth, like stones that basking in the sun.

I seek and discover new opportunities to share my warmth.

I am encouraged by the positive influence I have on my family, friends, and co-workers. I continue to share myself with everyone I encounter.

Today, I hope to positively impact the well-being of someone in need. I know that many people need a positive and compassionate person to be there during a despairing moment. I delight in being that type of provider for others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Whom do I turn to for positive reinforcement?
2. How do I renew my energy each day?
3. What types of things can I do to have a positive effect on the lives of others?