New adventures inspire creativity.

Making time for new adventures helps to develop my creative side. Each new experience pushes me to ponder my ability to enhance the outcome. My mind goes into production mode when I am in the middle of doing something novel.

My plans to travel to new places are accompanied by ideas for making the experiences memorable. Each trip gives me a chance to return with a renewed mind.

I take time away to myself when I am in the midst of something new. I remain present in the moment and absorb its true meaning and value. Taking this step allows my mind to pull positive energy from my surroundings and experiences.

I am more productive at work when I use the weekend to explore. Putting my mind in overdrive allows me to find solutions for growing revenues. My meetings produce greater value because I am able to lead the team effectively. I like being able to inspire thought and action from my own creative source.

When I spend time in nature, I am amazed by the beauty of it all. I look at its natural ability to bring forth growth and beauty, and come away inspired.

Today, I am encouraged to explore new things. My quality of life increases when I open myself up to fresh experiences. I commit to bravely going into the unknown and coming out a more creative person.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What kinds of adventure am I most excited to take part in?
2. What other techniques can I use to spark creative thought at work?
3. How often do I find myself in a creative rut and unable to produce new ideas?