Peace and joy are mine.

Each morning when I open my eyes, a true sense of peace and joy fills my spirit. I feel this way because I go to bed each night with a thankful heart.

I know what it means to have peace. Peace means having faith and remaining calm even in the midst of turmoil. I know that when I look more closely at my situation, there is always a spark of positivity.

Tough times can challenge my peace of mind. I dig deep within my soul to find the fortitude to persevere.

Joy is possible in my life because I maintain a peaceful disposition.

I avoid distractions and focus on the things that bring me true happiness. I laugh heartily with my friends and family. I know that even in the midst of a challenging time, the source of our happiness still remains.

I encourage everyone to treasure the joyous moments in life. I encourage them to use those memories to keep things positive. I am proud of my commitment to a life of happiness and harmony. I am encouraged by my inner strength each time I rise above the rough patches.

Today, I am convinced that all is well when my soul and heart are joyfully at peace. I commit to living each day to the fullest.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What else can I do to develop an indomitable spirit?
2. What tactics can I use to ensure I return to a place of peace after a difficult experience?
3. How do my loved ones factor into my life of peace and joy?