Peace fills my soul each day.

I close my eyes each morning and look for peace within myself. I take stock of the person I am and accept my flaws. Peace fills my soul each day because I accept the hand that life has dealt me.

Situations are sometimes difficult. It is easy to allow them to disrupt my peace. But I dig deep and calm my soul. I remind myself that reacting negatively serves little purpose.

I want everyone around me to experience peace. I advise my peers to step away for a moment during difficult situations. I encourage them to be outside observers.

Separating my soul from the situation is a great coping mechanism. I avoid allowing the energy of a negative situation to consume me. I keep my soul at peace so I can deal with situations with a clear head.

Having a peaceful soul encourages me to forgive others. I am disinterested in placing others in emotional turmoil. I realize they need my forgiveness to be at peace.

When I allow turmoil to engulf me, I become the emotion of the moment. It embodies me, and I deal with situations unsuccessfully. I refuse to allow discontent to take hold of my soul.

Today, I know that daily renewal is necessary to maintain a peaceful soul. I am committed to having inner peace. Each day, I encourage myself to live in a way that brings me joy.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Who are the people in my life who constantly try to disrupt my peace?
2. How do I help my friends develop inner peace when they are struggling with emotional turmoil?
3. In what ways can I increase my serenity?