Peace resonates through me.

I live a peaceful life. I strive to maintain a harmonious lifestyle for my own peace of mind. However, I also make a profound and positive impact on the world and its inhabitants when peace resonates through me.
My relationships with others can sometimes hit rough patches, but my focus is always on having a peaceful outcome. I allow myself to listen to the point of view of others to ensure I understand their ideas and opinions. I ensure that we reach a peaceful resolution even if we agree to disagree.
I strive to remain calm even when confronted with aggression and ignorance. When driving to work in traffic or dealing with a rowdy customer at the office, my serenity is sometimes threatened, but I allow peace to prevail.
Even when it is difficult to maintain composure in such situations, I make every effort to do so. I am greatly aided when I take a moment to think about how good peace feels. I allow myself to breathe deeply and set my soul at ease.
I remind myself that a negative reaction solves nothing and I choose, instead, to take the high road and wish peace on my offender.
Today, I commit to a peaceful life despite circumstances that threaten to disturb it. In all situations, I vow to enable peace to resonate through me.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1. Am I able to instill peace in others?
2. In what situations do I tend to succumb to the influences around me and react negatively? How can I turn these situations into peaceful resolutions?
3. Do others notice and appreciate my efforts to maintain the peace?