Preparing dinner is one method of expressing my love.

When I make it home from work first, I get busy in the kitchen. I know that having a delicious meal ready for my special someone is an unexpected treat.

I enjoy demonstrating my love through these little acts.

Anticipating the surprise, I barely contain my excitement. I chop and prep vegetables and ready the main course. I feel lighthearted and cheerful.

There are many ways to express my love. I know that being proactive is appreciated. Additionally, unexpected acts of kindness relieve some of the workday tension that is felt by my better half. My own tensions are either washed away in the act, or forgotten in the excitement.

Dining out is nice, but I discover greater satisfaction in being a provider. Sharing a meal at home is intimate, more relaxing, and easier on the budget. I create a period of quality time for us.

The food prepared and the time spent cooking are less important than the act itself. I anticipate the reaction this act will elicit. I take pleasure in knowing I have done something unexpected.

Today, I plan additional ways to surprise. I know there are many small ways to express how much I care, and I seize each and every opportunity that I discover.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What other enjoyable ways can I express my love?
2. What kinds of expressions do I enjoy receiving?
3. Will my partner find it more pleasing to receive a surprise dinner, or to make dinner together?