Preparing Your Mind and Body for Summer Warmth

Summer’s warmth, longer days, and fresh sunlight make it stand out from any other time of year.
It’s a time of tremendous growth in nature, and it can also be a time of tremendous growth in you. The summer invites you to experience personal development, contemplation and creativity.

If you prepare for summer’s long days and warm nights, you can make the most of the season and experience joyous personal transformation. To get started, first give some thought to what you truly want to bring into your life.

Prepare Your Body

For many, summer means getting tanned, losing those five extra pounds, and looking great in a bathing suit. While these things can bring you a small measure of fulfillment, focusing exclusively on them can rob you of the true joy of self-discovery available to you this summer.

True beauty comes from deeper within you than your appearance. True beauty comes from what’s inside.

In summer, the heat can be uncomfortable. Prepare yourself with simple choices that fuel your body with the energy it needs. Drink plenty of water to flush out some of the excess toxins that have built up over the long winter months. With these toxins removed, you’ll feel more energetic and excited about life.

Prepare for the summer with exercise. If you create the habit of exercise before the hot summer months come, your body will crave that exercise. Instead of making the excuse that it’s too hot, you’ll look forward to the sunshine and the feeling of accomplishment you experience when you work out.

Strengthen your muscles and fuel your confidence with a workout plan that is well underway before the summer heat becomes intense.

Prepare Your Mind

Summer is the season for fun! The long days invite barbecues, pool parties, and the surf and sand of the beach. Take full advantage of the wide array of summer activities. They can stimulate your mind, body and emotions to new levels of fulfillment.

The summer also brings with it large demands on your time. Friends and family members want to do things together, and the options for your time can become overwhelming.

Enjoy the time with them, but protect your peace by saying no to activities that don’t fit with what matters the most to you. You can say no in a way that guards your time without hurting the feelings of others. Practice gently saying no.

To make the most of the summer season, you may want to:

* Find time for prayer or meditation
* Use the summer nights for peaceful contemplation
* Spend time with others who share your values and beliefs
* Take time to relax by yourself

Summer encourages physical activity outdoors. It’s easy to forget about slowing down to give your body a chance to recharge its batteries. Let the laid-back feeling of summer remind you to relax and figure out the things in your life that are the most important. If you do, you’ll enjoy your summer fully and benefit from its warmth long after the summer months have passed.