Some of my greatest blessings are invisible.

Houses and cars are useful, but some of my greatest blessings are invisible. I devote time each day to spotting inward and outward blessings.

My health is precious. Being fit and strong enables me to provide for my family and hike through the woods. I make choices that help me to lead a long and active life. That means plenty of rest, exercise, and green vegetables.

My peace of mind is also priceless. I crave the happiness and satisfaction that comes with knowing I am loved.

The quality of my life also has a spiritual dimension. I engage in practices that are meaningful for me. I surround myself with people who provide me with guidance and encouragement.

My eyes make me aware of many delightful things, but I also count on my ears, nose, and fingers. I pay attention to beautiful sounds, scents, and textures. I listen for bird songs and church bells. I stop to smell flowers and newly cut grass. I dip my hand in cool water.

I focus on my breath to turn my attention inward. I sit down to meditate or pause during my daily activities. I examine the causes of my good feelings and give thanks for them.

To connect with the world around me, I slow down. I close my eyes and let my child’s laughter or a favorite symphony fill my mind.

Today, I celebrate the blessings I cannot see. My heart overflows with gratitude and joy.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I keep material goods in perspective?
2. What are some intangible items that make my life better?
3. How can I become more grateful for all my blessings?