Success through hard work trumps easy rewards.

There is unmatched pride that comes from succeeding after working hard. Knowing that I put all I have into something makes me feel proud after I hit a goal. That feeling completely trumps the rewards that come to me easily.

Working hard proves that I have resolve. I have courage to take on tough challenges. I feel capable and strong.

At times I feel mentally drained. Even though the temptation is there to give up, I fight through it. I convince myself that it only takes one small step at a time. When I cross the finish line, I feel impressed by my ability to stay the course.

My fitness goals are more meaningful when I apply consistency towards achieving them. I like seeing small results gradually turn into larger ones.

When my muscles feel unable to support me through another set, I ignore the pain. I remind myself that my mind is in control. I change my mindset to that of a champion and get it done.

The satisfaction from easy rewards rarely lasts a long time. Things that are gained without effort leave me searching for greater satisfaction. I prefer hard work and lasting rewards.

Today, my motivation is my strength and determination to earn my victory. Those factors make each success more meaningful.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I encourage myself to keep going when it seems next to impossible?
2. What strategies can I use for goal setting so each one feels more attainable?
3. How can I rally the support of my loved ones in achieving goals?