Summer Storms? Channel Their Power!

The power in a thunderstorm is awe-inspiring. In many places, the summertime brings about more of these storms than at any other time during the year. The heat brings them into existence, and they’re important for the growth and development of new life. It’s part of the great cycle of being, and you’re part of that cycle, too. Use the power of the summer storms in your own life.

Can you remember a time in your past when you felt extremely powerful? When you felt like nothing in the world could stop you from achieving your dreams? You can get that strength back any time you want. When it’s storming, pay close attention to the lightning and the thunder. Feel their power!

Listen to the sound of the rain. Meditate on the storm and realize how it’s tranquil and strong at the same time. A storm has the dynamics to completely change how things feel, even if the rain is only falling lightly.

Use the Rain for Power Meditation

Rain can be very peaceful, but it can also be a powerful thing. When you meditate during a powerful storm, think about the renewal that it brings. Renew your mind and spirit by working with the sound and feel of the rain. Eventually, the memory of that feeling will be enough to provide you with power any time you need it.

When you’re meditating and channeling the power of the rain, consider doing the following:

* Sit or lie where you can clearly hear the rain without getting wet.
* Find a comfortable position.
* Use a time when you can be alone and uninterrupted.
* Eat and drink beforehand so you aren’t hungry or thirsty.

When you first begin to harness the power of summer storms for your meditation, ensure you’re as comfortable as possible. With practice, you can summon the relaxed and powerful feeling you receive from these sessions anywhere and in any position.

Channel Power More Easily When the Thunder Rolls

There’s no doubt that thunder and lightning are powerful things. But you can’t physically grab that power. So how do you draw strength from these storms? You harness their power by allowing your mind, heart, and spirit to reach out and experience the power of the storm. Allow your mind to connect to the storm’s energy. This becomes easier with practice.

Reach out to the power of the storm. Draw that energy to you and hold onto it. Use it in your daily life and give it away to others. If you do, you’ll gain power and feel more comfortable with yourself. Avoid letting worry or inhibition stop you. Your thoughts and words have power, just like the storm, so guard your thoughts and words carefully.

When you feel like you’re losing control of your life, remember the feeling of the storm and hold on to that feeling. Let it flow through you, and allow it to flow from you. Others around you will sense that power and energy. They’ll respond to it in a positive way.

So the next time you find yourself in a summer storm, use these tips to harness it’s power for your benefit.