The Lazy Job Hunter’s Guide to Finding Employment

Does the idea of sitting home alone sending out thousands of generic cover letters and resumes sound like your idea of a good time? Fortunately, many of the job search methods that succeed today are quicker and a lot less tedious. Focusing on the activities you enjoy and using the latest technology can help you land your next position with less effort.

Discover effective, enjoyable job hunting methods with these strategies:

1. Network vigorously. While many changes have occurred in the workforce, networking remains essential. Your personal contacts usually provide your most promising leads. Reach out to your old college classmates and former coworkers. Attend meetings of the local chapter of your professional association.

2. Do volunteer work. Community service is a great way to make new contacts and enhance your skills. Find a cause you care about and propose a project that you’re excited about working on.

3. Share your expertise. Start your own blog or write for influential publications in your field. Lead workshops on topics related to your business. Follow up with the participants who may be interested in hiring you.

4. Join a club. Job clubs have become very popular in recent years. Sharing moral support and practical advice will help you to stay motivated.

5. Develop a hobby. The leisure activities you love could become a source of side income or even a main line of work. Rent a booth at a flea market where you can sell your ceramics. Post a notice in a local coffee shop if you’d like to tutor students in chemistry.

6. Care for your health. Exercise and a healthy diet qualify as job hunting because you need your strength. Manage stress with a long walk or a warm bath.

7. Take a break. Rest is another necessity. A job hunt can be all-consuming so set aside time to focus on other priorities. Invite a friend over to watch a movie or tackle a home improvement project. Talk with your doctor if you’re having trouble sleeping.

Applying Technology to Your Job Search

1. Use social media. Build up your online presence. Update your LinkedIn profile and participate in groups that align with your career goals. Consider creating a separate Twitter account for your professional communications.

2. Make over your resume. Think about how to showcase your accomplishments. Supplement your resume with a video. Provide links to your most impressive publications and presentations.

3. Design a website. Look into the options for creating a basic website. It can provide a hub for all your work at little or no cost.

4. Search for apps. There’s an app for almost everything. Target the areas where you want assistance such as searching for openings or rehearsing for interviews.

5. Deploy keywords. Remember that your resume will be read by software programs as well as humans. Identify keywords that will capture everyone’s attention and use them in your resume.

6. Organize your time. Years ago, many job seekers had to plan their days around the hours that the public library would be open, or read the want ads on their lunch hour. Today, you can select whatever hours match your peak efficiency.

7. Conduct research. The Internet has created instant access to information about companies and people. Walk into any interview well prepared. Focus your search on the most rewarding opportunities for you.

Of course, looking for a new job still requires determination and initiative. Cut out the busywork and channel your energy into more engaging activities that will help you to advance your career. Pursuing your interests and automating routine tasks will make your job search easier and more effective.