Tranquility surrounds me.

Although I enjoy a life filled with excitement and hub-bub, I look forward to the calmer, less exciting times. Heading home from work, my mind wanders to quieter situations. Inside myself, I seek solace in peacefulness and silence. Tranquility surrounds me.
On a crowded subway train or a bus brimming with noise, I can find a sense of quiet within me. I train my thoughts to clear away the cobwebs in my mind. I separate the wheat from the chaff. Then, I am relaxed.
In my home, I make a special effort to create my safe, peaceful sanctuary. As I gaze around the room, I notice the restful shades of color on the walls and furniture. The pictures of flora in the room coupled with comfortable seating ensure that I feel tranquil.
While driving in my car, I plan to be as comfortable as I can and strive for tranquility. A soft car seat cover and relaxing music quietly floating out of my stereo helps my mind slow down. I am enveloped by peace and calm while driving home after a tough day.
I use my mind to create feelings of tranquility and calm, regardless of where I am. Tranquility is my respite from the storms of life. I renew and refresh when tranquility surrounds me.
Today, I review things I can do to surround myself with tranquility. Also, I intend to practice meditation to be able to set a tranquil tone within myself, no matter where I am.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1. Do I feel that I could use more tranquility in my life?
2. Is it important for me to feel that peace and calm surround me?
3. What can I do to evoke more feelings of tranquility and calm in my home? Car? At work?